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15 good reads/re-reads in 2013. I read fewer books in 2013 (22) than in 2012 (58), but that’s because I definitely wrote 4x the amount in 2013 versus 2012 and read about 3x more articles, essays and papers in 2013 than 2012. These 15 above were good reads though. Some are re-reads because honestly, each time I read a book it’s new. I’m rarely the same person picking it up for the second, third or fourth time. It’s like a familiar destination but how I interpret the terrain changes and the journey is altered a bit.

Below are links (courtesy of readabookson's blog) to download many of them; the ones I couldn't find I just added an Amazon link though you can check your local Black-owned bookstore as well, if you have one in your area.

  1. In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose by Alice Walker - Alice Walker
  2. The Womanist Reader - Layli Phillips
  3. Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness and The Politics of Empowerment - Patricia Hill Collins
  4. Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday - Angela Y. Davis 
  5. Sister Outsider - Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde - Audre Lorde
  6. Pedagogy of The Oppressed - Paulo Freire
  7. Are Prisons Obsolete? - Angela Y. Davis
  8. Assata: An Autobiography - Assata Shakur
  9. Black Looks: Race and Representation - bell hooks 
  10. The Cross of the Redemption: Uncollected Writings - James Baldwin
  11. Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender and The New Racism - Patricia Hill Collins 
  12. Sisters of The Yam: Black Women and Self-Recovery - bell hooks 
  13. Mom & Me & Mom - Maya Angelou
  14. Double Stitch: Black Women Write About Mothers and Daughters - compilation
  15. The Same River Twice: Honoring The Difficult - Alice Walker

I have a long reading list planned for next year, (which I will try to pin to Pinterest again like I did for ‘12-‘13), but my list is always longer than I can actually accomplish. I guess that’s what makes it great; the idea that you can never really finish, that it’s about the quality of what you read more than the quantity, it’s about how you apply it, and some things need to be read over a lifetime, again and again, even as ideas continue to evolve and build on previous foundations. 

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Audacious white woman syndrome


This is something that happens when white privilege is being challenged in feminist or women centred circles.


Feminism was never made in mind for anyone that wasn’t a cis white able bodied middle class heterosexual white woman and the further you are away from this, the more shit you will have the deal with and the more you will be challenged that your struggles, experiences and concerns as a woman is “hurting” a movement for women. When you say I and others like and unlike me are “hurting feminism” you’re saying I’m not a woman and only your definition of womanhood is valid and is worth fighting for—only you are worth fighting for. 

All too often, movements for empowerment become institutions for oppression as those movements only go as far as empowering the most privileged of those groups. The more privilege you have, the more representation you will have in a group. There is a reason the face and concerns of feminism is white.

You see the audacious white woman all the time when a post pops up challenging white privilege, oppression in the feminist movement or a white woman speaking for or telling off Black women or WOC. Some white woman thinks she’d being a brave mother fucker for “speaking up” and she doesn’t care if she gets flack. Like white women aren’t the default for woman and your voices don’t dominate all things woman. Your ass isn’t brave and that fact you’ve positioned your self as some type of martyr is sickening. The fact you think a white person telling off POC or speaking for POC is a courageous act is warped and only adds to the fodder of hurtful violent shit white feminist do.

WOC do not have power over you and what you’re fighting against is your privilege. You don’t want to be accountable for all the ways you’ve benefited and still benefit from your privilege. You don’t want think how you’ve used your privilege against WOC. You’re sick and tired of hearing about your privilege? Well I’m sick and tired of dealing with it. 

This audacious white woman is especially potent between white women and Black women given the history of Black womanhood being used to uphold white womanhood as fragile. Because you are seen as fragile, positioning your self as “brave” for “speaking out” against Black women is particularly effective method of violence against Black women to use because it works. This is why your “brave” ass uses it. You’re not doing anything but using your privilege to get what you want at any cost.  You use racial stereotypes and your privilege as a white woman that you are more valued so mother fuckers will come out the wood works for you. You’re using your status as weak fragile white lady to get what you want. 

You’re not brave

You’re not audacious

You’re not some martyr

You’re continuing the legacy of white female abuse against WOC and best believe white tears will follow your little act. All you’re doing is protecting your privilege and power because you do not want to recognise my womanhood as one that is just as worthy and valuable as yours and demands respect. To respect me and my humanity requires you to challenge your privilege and not use your white privilege.

You’re not use to respecting me or my womanhood and you’re having a hard time coping with me and others like and unlike me treating you like you’re not the most important, protected, fragile white lady you’re so use to. You’re not use to been treated like an adult. You can throw a hissy fit like a child and it works and the fact it doesn’t work on us causes you to re-evaluate things and you don’t like what the mirror is reflecting back so obviously, we must be wrong and your benevolent white wisdom right because its always been right. Never mind the acts of horror this white wisdom has and continues to commit against POC.

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