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The term SWERF (sex worker exclusionary radical feminist) is fucking nonsense, considering radical feminists are some of the only ones who are listening to and standing up for the women who have been raped, abused, and exploited by the porn and prostitution industries. 

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The above are two screenshots taken from the non-profit NGO Women for Women International, which claims to support women in war-torn regions.

The first image shows a picture of a Israeli woman soldier with the caption, “Congratulations to Maj. Oshrat Bachar, the first female battalion commander appointed to the Israeli Defense Force [sic].”

The second image shows the WfWI’s response to criticism of this post in the comments section: “Thanks to everyone for the great discussion. WfWI does not take any position on the activities of the IDF but we do wish to recognize Maj. Oshrat Bachar for her part in breaking down barriers for women.”

It is astounding to me that an organization that, once again, claims to support women in war-torn regions takes “no position on the activities of the IDF.” The same IDF that has forced Palestinian women to give birth at checkpoints in the middle of the road, that shackles Palestinian women prisoners during childbirth, that persecutes women protesters based on trumped up charges, that beats and pepper sprays them for daring to raise a flag, that blindfolds and then films their humiliation.

These crimes against women perpetrated by an army apparently mean nothing to an organization supposedly dedicated to exposing such violence and providing support to the victims. I’d like to say I’m surprised that a Western organization is more concerned with “breaking down [gender] barriers” than the human rights of women of color, but unfortunately this is entirely expected behavior from mainstream organizations.

Not everything is a fucking feminist issue, and if someone wants to make fun of Becky for liking pumpkin candles, have a fucking field day. Because it doesn’t affect any of us in the least, and it has no actual bearing on the world in any way whatsoever. But if we stop turning everything into a fucking oppression contest, then we might have to take responsibility for some of our own failures instead of blaming a society that is largely built to protect and bolster us, amirite? Like that chick who couldn’t get into Texas State or whatever and wanted to act like it was Al Sharpton’s fault even though she had grades that WEREN’T FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH TO GET IN THE SCHOOL. I know that some of the feminists on this website have build their whole identity/self-worth/value around being The Biggest Victim, but get a fucking grip and recognize how good we have it in this world. Sometimes you are going to be slighted because you are a woman, but it will never be because you are a WHITE woman, and we just have to accept the fact that this is a slice of the Blame It On The Man Pie we do not get to take.

Chelsea Fagan: Making Fun Of White Women Is Not A Feminist Issue, So Stop Making It Out To Be

Standing up and applauding. 

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For the people who think white girl jokes are “mysoginistic”.

- Eniola

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there is nothing inherently liberating in showing skin

there is nothing inherently liberating in covering up

the liberation lies in the choice


but please understand that choice shouldn’t govern your feminist analysis, choice feminism is a bullshit concept extant in libfem circles and should not be mimicked in muslim and/or leftist feminist circles. the choice is not universal, you cannot take a woman who chose to expose her skin and another who chose to cover it and universalize their capacity to choose. most women do not have a choice and their systemic repression is obscured by text posts such as these that focus solely on the women privileged enough to make a choice. what we should aim for is not a glorification of individualistic choice, but a dismantlement of institutions that impede a woman’s right to choose.

The high status of women in Native societies did not escape the notice of white women either. White women often looked to the Native societies as models of equality from which the white society should base itself, often to the dismay of white men. Even in war, European women were often surprised to find that they went unmolested by their Indian captors. Mary Rowlandson said of
her experience: “I have been in the midst of roaring Lions, and Savage Bears, that feared neither God, nor Man, nor the Devil … and yet not one of them ever offered the least abuse of unchastity to me in word or action” (Rowlandson 1974, 108–109). Between 1675 and 1763, almost 40 percent of women who were taken captive by Native people in New England chose to remain with their captors (Namias 1993, 25).3

Not an Indian Tradition: The Sexual Colonization of Native Peoples ANDREA SMITH (via whitedenial-ontrial)

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One white woman raised her hand and protested, “Why are we reading about Black people? I thought this was a women’s studies class.” The professor lost her temper and told her that in case she didn’t know, it was a Black woman teaching the class and that Black people can also be women. The white woman started crying and angrily left the class. I was amazed at this white woman’s sense of entitlement and privilege, of being able to protest and cry in the classroom.

Siobhan Brooks, ”Black Feminism in Everyday Life”

The failure to grasp intersectionality that I think a lot of white feminists (and really people of every type of movement seem to miss)

White feminism fail 

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The world according to Laci Green (and most White Feminists™):

Racism? A-OK!

Slut Shaming? Write a blog post! Make a video! Contact the author! Call them out! We can’t tolerate that shit!

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redranga answered your question: Send me suggestions about things to post/ask me questions

Do you find that white Feminists are also problematic? I do.

I feel like I made that clear with my criticism of the vlogger who must not be named(her last name is a color). But, I find the White Feminist™ to be deeply problematic because they do not ”[confront] the ways women—through sex, class and race—[dominate] and [exploit] other women," and even men of color if the woman in question is white, rather they focus solely on sexism, and the patriarchy, without looking at other forms of oppression and without looking at the intersectionality.

Trigger Warning: Genocide


This is a message I just received in my inbox.

A group called “Genocide Awareness Campagin” is at my university in Massachusetts right now with their giant billboards showing miscarried fetuses and aborted fetuses and the University is refusing to remove them from University grounds. At least 200 people have had to contact crisis centers because of triggering. We have staged a small counter-protest but the pro-lifers have surrounded the area we have set up a banner for people to sign and support reproductive rights, but these people decided to crowd in close around where the banner was and to scream obscene things at people who stopped to sign it and pick up a sticker saying “I Support Reproductive Freedom”, they even tried ripping it down a few times and shoved pamphlets full of graphic images of mostly miscarried fetuses and pushing their “message” of genocide. Mind you; I live in Lowell, which has a large Cambodian population…the largest outside of Cambodia who were rightly offended by these people misusing the word “genocide”. Also, tomorrow is the University’s Holocaust Remembrance Day…and this pro-life group is still going to be there touting their “abortion is genocide” crap on a day when we are supposed to remember a REAL genocide. This is so many kinds of offensive I can’t even describe the whole of it. I was hoping you could work your tumblr magic and get some attention paid to this problem at my University. We need media attention on this to pressure the University to throw these people out and to punish the student body responsible for inviting them because free speech has nothing to do with it anymore…just this evening the protesters were reading the names of people on campus who have had abortions and showing pictures of them to the people there. I’m hoping you will show this to your followers so we can get some support…our counter-protest is lagging now and we’re all getting tired…we still have two more days to go.

Thanks for your time, ladyatheist. The University is University of Massachusetts Lowell.


Long story short, there is a “pro-life” group on the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s campus triggering people, harassing them, and spreading lies. THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP! If you are in the area, please show the people on campus fighting against this offensive bullshit whatever support you can. Contact the school and let them know you won’t stand for this. Go to the campus and show those “pro-lifers” you will not stand for their hatred, harassment, and ignorance. Pass this post around and spread the word that this type of behavior is not acceptable.

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and another fucked up thing about scarlett o’hara i mean jessica valenti i mean scarlett o’hara’s tweet


i’m referring to this.

if it really is about rape culture. like, if you really want to make the comparison. if you’re *really* invested in analyzing systemic dynamics, i.e. understanding exactly HOW white supremacy/kyriarchy are articulated in these interlocking ways so that racism is implicated in rape culture and vice versa? if you’re *really* concerned with the lives of black people and of people violently impacted by rape culture?

then why the fuck wouldn’t you start here [trigger warning: lynching, racism], instead of a (obviously implied) white girl in a skirt? why wouldn’t you talk about all the black men who were strung up and had their genitals cut off by the fathers, brothers, sons, and lovers of those white girls in skirts? MOSTLY because they were accused of raping those white girls in skirts. all while the rape of black women by those same white men (again, YOUR fathers, brothers, sons, lover, and at this point grandfathers) went generally ignored and unprosecuted? if it’s not about capitalizing off of yet another spectacular black death so that more light gets thrown towards your pet cause, why do you have to talk about anything OTHER than how rape culture functions not to shame white women in various pieces of clothing, but to kill black people.

if you’re *really* talking about rape culture. you’d talk about how white women killed emmitt till. you’d think about exactly WHO george zimmerman saw himself protecting when he called 911 on a nine year old boy. you’d use that new feminist media consulting firm yeah!1!! to amplify the blogs of POC and WOC who have been speaking for YEARS about the things you’re just getting to 5 weeks after the gotdamn fact. AFTER it became a trending topic on twitter. you so ain’t slick.

but that’s only if you’re, like, actually interested in women’s lives. and not trying to score cool points or make money off of black trauma and death.

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